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Paste a public Google Sheets URL.
Data is fetched and updated each time you open this page.

Column Mapping:

Make sure that the first row of your spreadsheet is a header.

Then simply map the right column to the right post element.

SEO Metatags & More Info
  • Slug:

    The slug is the path of your post. If you have a column with cities like: Rome, Paris, New York, and you set this column as slug your pages will be created as, etc

  • Categories:

    You can add categories and subcategories separated by a comma. For example "Books>fantasy>germany" will create a category "books with a sub category fantasy and third nested category called 'germany'."
    Countries>italy>Rome,Food>Pizza>Margherita will create two top categories (Countries and Food) with their subcategories. Categories are normally active by default unless they start with an underscore. E.g. with _main>_sub>third, only third will be active.

  • Tags:

    Add as many tags as you want separated by a comma, e.g. Books,Gifts,Ideas

  • Dynamic SEO Metatags:

    We recommend using the title and excerpt and then using a plugin like YOAST to map those as metatags.


This will be the main content of your article. You can write in plain text or use HTML.

Use the following variables in your template to make it dynamic

HTML Template

Use your dynamic variable like this {{ variable }} in the template!

Download XML file

You can upload this XML file directly to WordPress of Wix using their import functionality.

Export Name:

Export Format:

Export Limit:

By default we export all posts. However, if you are testing, you might want to export first a couple of posts to see the results before exporting them all

Split into multiple files:

Depending on your hosting company you might not be able to upload thousands of posts all at once. We recommend splitting into multiple files at around 500 posts per file.

  • "title" is required.

  • "slug" is required.

  • "template" is required.

Import XML file

You can upload this XML file directly to WordPress of Wix using their built-in import functionality.

wordpress Import

  • Go to tools > Import (/wp-admin/import.php)
  • Under 'WordPress' click on 'Install Now'
  • Under 'WordPress' click on 'Run Importer' (/wp-admin/admin.php?import=wordpress)
  • Select your file and import it